Saudi poll shows massive support for Palestinian resistance

A poll conducted by Rakin Saudi pollsters has disclosed that 95 per cent of the Saudi people support the continuation of Palestinian resistance factions.

The poll, which included 2,000 Saudis and was published by the country’s leading pollster,

While 97 per cent of the sample believed that the Israeli onslaught on Gaza was unjustified. 
Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz ordered  100 million riyals ($26.6 million) in medical aid to the Gaza Strip, the Saudi Health Ministry said. Health Minister Adel Faqih said the aid would address the emergency needs of the growing number of injured civilians in the Israeli offensive, which has so far killed more than 800 Palestinians. The move came a week after the king ordered 200 million riyals ($53.3 million) in humanitarian aid.
Those funds were directed to paying for medicine and medical equipment to treat “victims of the brutal Israeli aggression and bombing of the Gaza Strip,” said Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf. Iyad Madani, secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, had appealed to member states and humanitarian organizations worldwide to extend all forms of support and relief to the Palestinian people, particularly urgent medical supplies to Gaza. 

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